The 10-10-320 service is only available from regular land lines.


To find a rate, select the country name using the pull down menu or enter its code in the box on the right.


Please take note that rates have been changed for certain destinations.
These take effect on June 6, 2017.

Rates in effect 24/7 and subject to change without notice

What is a cell phone?

A mobile telephone, sometimes also called GSM, PCS or portable, allows for telephone communications without the need for a cable connection to a telephone office. The sounds are transmitted by electromagnetic waves on a specified network. We can thus commuicate from anywhere that a relay antenna can receive the transmissions from this telephone.

What are special or premium services?

In North America, special services or premium services are generally 1-900 numbers such as contest lines, dating lines, astrology services, erotic lines etc.
Overseas, special services are often offered by associations, institutions or public companies. Institutions use special services when they can not directly bill the person who is receiving the call, for example: certain hospitals, universities, rooming houses, student residences, off shore drilling rigs. Special services are also a method of making money for companies or institutions which offer information by telephone using an automated voice system. Examples of this are: certain banks, travel agencies and some airlines. Each country has certain prefixes which designate if a number is a special or premium service. These prefixes vary from country to country. The person who makes the call must pay the premium rate.

The 10-10-320 service does not work from cellphones or public telephones.

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