The 10-10-320 service is only available from regular land lines.

How do I use 10-10-320 ?
When you wish to make a long distance call dial 10-10-320 before the number. Your call will then be automatically sent to the BEAUCETEL network and billed on your next residential telephone bill.*

Commercial lines with large volumes or Residential customers who have subscribed to the service will be billed directly each month by Beaucetel.

Calls to North America and the Caribbean
To call to Canada, the United States and some areas of the Caribbeans you must dial without pausing:
10-10-320 + 1 + the area code + the telephone number.

International calls
For your calls overseas, you must dial:
10-10-320 + 011 + country code + the telephone number. Do not wait for a dial tone. Dial all the digits as if it were one long number.

See the rate page for details

* Where the service is available.
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